How To Stop Your Makeup Running This Summer (According to MUAs)

Summer is great for sipping chilled sangria poolside or enjoying an alfresco brunch with your besties, but we’d be lying if we said warm, thick air didn’t have a few drawbacks. Lucky for you, we recently hit up a handful of top makeup artists for their best advice on this very topic. Obvi you know that waterproof mascara is bae at the beach, but were you aware of these novel pro-tips for keeping makeup in place even during the hottest, sweatiest, wettest days?

Pro Tip #1: Clean Your Eyelids Before Applying Makeup

Setting yourself up for makeup success in the summer means adding a few extra steps to your routine. A really important one is cleaning up your lids. (This is a good rule of thumb for your entire face, too.)

“Always wipe off your eyes with some sort of spa water or micellar water to ensure that there’s no oil on your eyes,” advises Etienne Ortega, celebrity makeup artist, and Deck of Scarlet brand partner. “This ensures your eyeshadow doesn’t crease later in the day.”

Next, apply your preferred primer (or concealer), and then make sure to reach for long-wear, waterproof/sweat-proof eye products that won’t flake, smudge, or smear.

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