Who we are

Pure Ethics has high regards for the privacy of information concerning all users and associates. We are compliant with all laws and regulations related to private data, and we take necessary measures to protect information details and information of customers on priority. This website collects personal information, but the collection and processing are done on lawful grounds. Viewer and consumer’s data are gathered only for one specific reason, and the Personal Data collected isn’t used for other reasons that go beyond the initial intent.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Pure Ethics collects data and processes it only for a specific period of time. The personal data of customers and viewers are not stored for an extended period.

Data belonging of an individual isn’t modified or changes for any reason unless permission has been sought explicitly for the same. Pure Ethics believes firmly in the maintenance of data accuracy at all times.

Pure Ethics commits to keeping viewer and customer data as safe as possible. As data confidentiality is a major concern, we don’t share the data with third-party companies or organizations under any circumstances.

Pure Ethics does not collect data that isn’t necessary for us. Most customers and viewers, if required, share their basic details like name, email, and address. We do not seek financial or other private information. We do not ask consumers for such data, either on phone or email.

Pure Ethics might collect data about customers that are available publicly. We may also collect technical information, like IP address, OS, and the device used while browsing the website. Confidentiality rules apply to such data, which means the information is not shared to any third-part company, business, or website.

Pure Ethics won’t use any of your personal information without permission and will allow you the means to control and manage the information that you provide to us. We will provide the means for you to communicate any privacy concerns that you may have and respond to them appropriately.

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