Tea Tree Acne Control Face wash

Rs. 349.00

Want to leave breakouts on read?

Meet our tea tree face wash. I’m gentle and vegan daily cleanser made with tea tree extract to clean and remove acne causing impurities. Use me in the morning to wash away oil and dirt and keep blemishes at bay.
I like to go deep, but I won’t strip your skin. Instead, I will leave you feeling cleansed and nourished, ready to take on the day.

My Superpowers -

Cleanse Skin

Fights Blemishes

Anti Pimple

Anti Acne

Tea Tree Oil - Green Tea Extract - Glycerine - Aloe vera extract

Hair type

Anyone with skin issues , #Letsbehonest we all have them: Oily , Sensitive and break-out prone skin.


Tea Tree Extract

How Often

Like food, Morning and Night, Every day

How much

Peanut size

Step 1

Have a face (check)

Step 2

Wash your face. Splash lukewarm water and apply a small amount of tea tree face wash.

Step 3

Gently massage the cleanser in circular motion around face and neck paying more attention to the key areas that need more love like- Nose, T zone, chin.

Step 4

Wash face and pat dry. Ta-dah admire that perfect glow.

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