Vitamin C Face Wash with Gold, Niacinamide and Aloe Vera

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 300.00

When it comes to Vitamin C- I’m your buddy.

Our Vitamin C with GOLD Brightening Face Wash is a multi tasking face wash made with niacinamide to reveal your brightest glow. I am gentle yet effective exfoliant with a sophisticated formula and down to Earth price tag. I only take two minutes every day to work my magic on hyperpigmentation , scarring and dull skin.

My Superpowers -

Brightens Skin

Fights Blemishes

Helps Clear Skin

Perfect Glow

Niacinamide – Salicylic Acid – Gold Sprinkles – Nano Colloidal Gold – Aloe vera Extract

Hair type

Every type (including sensitive skin)



How Often

Like food, Morning and Night, Every day

How much

Peanut size

Step 1

Have a face (check)

Step 2

Wash your face. Splash lukewarm water and apply a small amount of tea tree face wash.

Step 3

Gently massage the cleanser in circular motion around face and neck.

Step 4

Wash face and pat dry. Ta-dah admire that perfect glow.

After one use:

Your skin will feel softer and glowy instantly.

After loving me long time:

With continuous use of our brightening vitamin C face wash you will notice brighter skin. Your complexion will feel smoother and pigmentation will begin to fade.

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